EPOS Tsunami Thematic Core Services

Data Products Software Services for science and coastal hazard management

The Tsunami TCS

Tsunamis constitute a significant hazard for European coastal populations, and the impact of tsunami events worldwide can extend well beyond the coastal regions directly affected. Understanding the complex mechanisms of tsunami generation, propagation, and inundation and managing the tsunami risk require

  • multidisciplinary research
  • infrastructures that cross national boundaries.

Recent decades have seen both significant advances in tsunami science and consolidation of the European tsunami research community.

A sustainable platform supporting coordinated tsunami community activities and a hub for tsunami services can further tsunami basic and applied research and help inform tsunami risk reduction in the North-eastern Atlantic, Mediterranean and connected seas (NEAM) area.

Following about three years of preparation, in July 2021, the European tsunami community attained the Candidate Thematic Core Service (cTCS) status within the European Plate Observing System (EPOS) Research Infrastructure. Finally, at the end of 2023 the EPOS ERIC General Assembly approved the establishment of the fully operational TCS Tsunami.

The overall objectives of TCS Tsunami are to establish sustainable and harmonized services for Tsunami Science and Tsunami Risk Reduction management and to coordinate the provision of access to - and interaction with - data, products, software, workflows, and other services on a European level and beyond.
The service provision consists of four thematic pillars:

  1. Support to Tsunami Service Providers,
  2. Tsunami Data,
  3. Numerical Models,
  4. Hazard and Risk Products.